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you've just been flyer...erd. [06 Mar 2007|12:03am]
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i'll be playing the easiest instrument. but i have such....tiny....hands.....

come see the demented hands! and beer is also worth thr trip.
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[09 Jun 2006|01:59pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]


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[13 Apr 2006|01:47pm]
oh i remember the days of livejournal.....long before everyone left to myspace and i followed along dispassionately.
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[05 Apr 2006|05:34pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

he loves me more......

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[09 Mar 2006|11:09pm]
i hate my mother and im not afraid to say it.i hate her.im done with her.DONE. i dont want anything to do with her anymore.thats right.im gone.shipping out.i dont even want their money anymore.it disgusts me.
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[04 Mar 2006|07:14pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

this place sucks now.well, for me.i have so much to say....but nothing to say.im making hard boiled eggs.hurray for protein.hurray for bending the rules of vegetarianism.hurray for economic bridge packages.im tired.my arms are tired,and my shoulders too.

over and out.

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[25 Feb 2006|07:32pm]
[ mood | drained ]

the T lounge is closing.i just found out.it hurts my insides.not really.

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[02 Feb 2006|06:52pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

i lost my brush.my HUGE round brush.in my room.how do you lose something so huge in such a small space?HOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW?????????????????? and now i cant take a shower.because my bangs will be wavy and not even in a consistent wave.90 degree angle waves.yuck.how can a brush control so much of my life?ITS A DAMN BRUSH!!!!!!!!!!!this is so stupid.and its like a ten dollar brush.and i dont want to go buy it again(who knows if they still even have it)when i know i last used it in my rooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. sigh.the search continues.

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her hair stank of patchouly.but it stank with love. [01 Feb 2006|06:06pm]
[ mood | awake ]

bleehhhhhhhhhhh my hair is soooo dirty.and oily.which i guess is like the same thing.but i woke up just thirty minutes ago and let me tell you,that is NOT enough time to shower and do something decent with this stuff on my head.mmmmm....cofffeeeeeee.....mmmmmmmm........severence pay.....

in your face retail brand alliance.actually,in my face.liquidation is fun though.you get to see this place you resent so much go down.the walls get empty,the managers get depressed,everything is 90% off.its great.i hope i do it again someday.andddddd the best part?i got o quit without having to say i quit!i got to leave without being fired or quitting.yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

OFF TO ALGEBRA.FUN FUN FUN IN THE CALIFORNIA SUN.p.s. go to babynames.com if you get bored,even if you dont want kids.its reallllly entertaining.it makes you want to change your name.

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[25 Jan 2006|07:20am]
[ mood | winkity wink! ]

im getting married.be there or be square.

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[06 Jan 2006|06:30am]
there's always a competetion.its called who dies first.
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[06 Jan 2006|06:25am]
tell me how much do you hate me?
and i'll tell you how little i miss you.
tell me her name and i'll tell his address.
i'll tell how we're dressed.
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[06 Jan 2006|06:14am]
that is SO raven
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que sighhhhh.............. [28 Dec 2005|07:10am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

its us against the world........and let me tell you,after five years of that,the novelty starts to wear off.being misunderstood is only glamourous when your dead.

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[16 Dec 2005|06:09am]
[ mood | amused ]


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[07 Dec 2005|06:27am]
sooooo............yeah.nothing.everything.and also things.but not for here or you or for the one we call super.dont try to figure it out.it doesn't mean anything.story of my life.that also doesn't mean anything.i love ross.it has shoes for me to buy at discounted prices.and i say hurray for ross and discounted prices.thats what i say when i go to ross.when i see the discounted prices i say hurray.because the shoes,the shoes are very cheap.not cheaply made mind you.cheap in price.discounted price.
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[11 Nov 2005|11:54pm]
oh...and i cut my hair.short.bangs too.not that short.ponytails are still here but,four and a half inches shorter.and.....end.
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[11 Nov 2005|11:49pm]
[ mood | my shoulders burrrnnnn ]

oh and i fail to tap oc AGAIN!!! but this time it was not my fault!the tape stopped and so did another tape with gilmore girls on a completely different tv too!!!what theeee??????arghhhhh!!!!!its not fair!the tv hates me.and now is talking trash to the other tv and the tapes are turning on me too.and also weee for i am almost going to be able to burn unlimited amounts of cd'sssss im soooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!i've been yearninnnggggg for all kinds of stuff that i dont make enough to actually buy.yessssss!!!!!i heart rhapsody with a full sense of gusto and you'll be very pleased to know or maybe not that comics ar doing well and im getting the hang of it better and that one with the two ladies went in the reject pile cuz it suuuucccckkksss and i bought a farside calendar for inspiration in the coming year and also,human sex trafficking!!!i cried...its sooooo sad and it infuriates me.and my dog is like wayyyyyy adorable you dont even know and tomorrow im going somewhere that im kinda excited about which is like woooowwwww.and as for the one i was telling you on the phone its not really for an ego boost its more like,i just cravvveee something new.do yo urealize life has been pretty much the same for us for a while?and its just sad seeing people younger than me like that andy guy from school go off to art school whn i am here looking for perfect umbrellas to use for jumping because thats how bored i get.le sigh.and sufjan stevens is beautiful.and you should totalllllllllly resize somepictures.its like the perfect weekend for it.yup.off to homestar,the computer has been so far away from me.alas my old friend we are reunited.if only you had a color printer and copyier(copier?)and a wicked scanner and....like lots of stuff oh and were a laptop and a dvd burner.then we would be soooo happy together.but we'll always be friends.as long as you have rhapsody and internet and word,we will be friends.

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[22 Oct 2005|01:48pm]
[ mood | disoriented ]

i wonder how many other people did this too.original or not,i couldn't help myself.

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[07 Oct 2005|07:34pm]
check out my new backround!!!!its ridiculously cute!!!!
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